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This is the official website of Halal Transactions of Omaha, a leader in the Halal industry. Our services have been improving the quality of consumer goods served to Muslims all over the world.

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Ingredients, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals

As the Muslim population around the world rapidly increases so too does the demand for Halal products. More than just Halal food, Muslim consumers are looking for safe, high quality, and Halal certified processing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and more. Halal Transactions now certifies chemical and pharmaceutical products. Our staff consists of highly educated and […]

5 Feb, 2014 admin

Scientific Research-Stunning in Beef

Halal Slaughter Techniques A Practical Review and Guide BY Dr. Mohammed Lotfi B.V.Sc.,Dip.F.C.,M.V.Sc..AIFST Member, Australia The factors affect the design and operation of a Halal slaughter process Animal welfare, capital cost, running cost Market requirement (specification requirement for Muslim countries), operation safety and ease species of animal and age control of a slaughter process is […]

13 May, 2011 admin

Article: Elements of Success of Halal Business

ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS OF THE HALAL FOOD BUSINESS Article Authored by Dr. Ahmad Alabsy, Published in the Halal Journal, Malaysia Introduction Seeking Halal does not mean only consuming Halal products but also obtaining income or finance “rizq” from Halal sources. Muslims involved in the Halal food business, and who strive to perfect their intentions and […]

13 May, 2011 admin